POP coasters. 90mm sq x 6mm thick mirrored coasters, that have been engraved. The coloured square centre is glass enamel, baked into the back of mirror. POP placemats. 200mm sq x 6mm thick mirrored placemats Circle pattern engraved, and enamelled. Both available in a range of colour combinations.

TARGET coasters and tablemats. They are made from 6mm thick glass and come in a set of six in 'CONE' (Circle) or 'PYRAMID' (Square) design. Coasters are 90mm square and placemats are 200mm square. The effect is achieved by deep engraving, so not only are they practical but also stunning when not used. Coasters are suitable for hot drinks and the tablemats are suitable as hotplates. They all have clear silicone feet to prevent scratching or sliding on any surface.